AI and labour market

07 June 2023 10:00-11:30
Dr Wojciech Hardy and Dr Joanna Mazur on 
DELab University of Warsaw

How technologies affect the employment structure and change the way we work
In the seminar, we will focus on two issues. First, we will summarize the research on the effects of past technological changes on labour markets around the world. We will discuss the characteristics of past technological revolutions and contrast them with the character of the challenges caused by generative AI. Second, we will discuss what new challenges will the employees face with the introduction of the generative technologies. This will include an overview of the effects on the way employees conduct their work and the changes to their working conditions (e.g., recruitment procedures, automated layoff decisions, etc.). While the first part of the presentation will focus on early empirical evidence, the second will present the legislative initiatives taken by the European Union to combat the identified challenges.

Keynote AI and labour market