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From 2015 to date, CENTRAL research exchange and training opportunities have led to most inspiring and productive bi- or multilateral projects and activities across the five CENTRAL partner universities. Find out more in the project vignettes below.

CENTRAL opportunities for funding facilitate joint events such as research-based workshopsmobilities of early-stage researchers, the development of personal or professional skills, and summer schools.

Post-Conflict Constellations: Institutionalization of Knowledge and Memory in Central and Southeastern Europe

Hungarian linguistics, language teaching and regional studies in the context of Central Europe


On 16 April 2018, CENTRAL is one of five European university networks chosen to participate in the workshop European University Networks. Regional...

In this project, the importance of the poetic word in contemporary paradigms of Central Europe is scrutinised

Space analysis as a social and cultural process.

This project serves to strengthen the cooperation of research groups for statistics and economics and uses digital platforms for knowledge transfer