Towards a Central European Doctoral School in Modern History

Praedoc Student Workshop

Based on the great success of the first trilateral graduate student workshop in Prague in March 2022 (and planned in Vienna 2023), the organizers would like to continue and deepen the joint activities by publishing a CfP and slightly enlarging the number of participants.

They thus respond to the growing demand for scientific cooperation among Ph.D. students in the humanities and social sciences in Central and Eastern Europe. The programm will be based on the US model of short presentations based on pre-distributed papers based on single PhD-projects but adapted to the general topic. This will give ample time for discussion, which in turn should facilitate publications in peer reviewed journals such as EEPS (US), Zeitgeschichte (Austria), Střed (Prague) and Przegląd Historyczny (Warsaw). The workshop will explore topics related to comparative and transnational approaches, and combine that with a focus on the history of post-1918/1945/1989 transformations, which will be utilized based on a Polanyian perspective that allows to go beyond the CEE region and reach out for global connections. 

There are three main aims of the workshop:

  1. to raise the quality of Ph.D. programs in modern history and neighbouring social sciences by strengthening the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and skills among Ph.D. students as well as senior researchers in the field
  2. to foster the cooperation between three Central European universities (Charles University in Prague, University of Vienna, and University of Warsaw) and
  3. to continue our discussion and preparation of a European doctoral school in modern history


The two-day workshop will take place in Warsaw and joined by five senior researchers and 12 PhD students from partner universities. 


Contact person:

Prof. Jerzy Kochanowski
University of Warsaw


CENTRAL partner:

Prof. Ota Konrád
Charles University

Univ.-Prof. Claudia Kraft
University of Vienna

Univ.-Prof. Philipp Ther,
Director at Research Center for the History of Transformations (RECET), University of Vienna