Previously funded by CENTRAL

From 2015 to date, CENTRAL research exchange and training opportunities have led to most inspiring and productive bi- or multilateral projects and activities across the five CENTRAL partner universities. Find out more in the project vignettes below.

CENTRAL opportunities for funding facilitate joint events such as research-based workshopsmobilities of early-stage researchers, the development of personal or professional skills, and summer schools.

(16-17 June 2022) The workshop aims to bring together a group of both established researchers as well as Ph.D. students focusing on different aspects...

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Humboldt International Campus offers 2-Week Online Program for students from Eastern Europe

The workshops will focus on understudied roots of the virtue ethics.

We live in an increasingly globalized world—but the prehistory of this status quo outside the West is still not very well known.

This project brings together a multidisciplinary team of art historians, literary scholars, perfor-mance and media studies scholars and historians for...