Socialist (Dis-)Connections in the Global Cold War (27-28 June 2022)


We live in an increasingly globalized world—but the prehistory of this status quo outside the West is still not very well known.

In recent years, historians have turned to global socialism in order to explore the complex and dynamic nature of the global Cold War and trace an alternative genealogy of our global world. As the socialist world was all but immune to regime changes, political tribulations and postcolonial reconfigurations, this workshop will explore new avenues for research on the role of the seemingly peripheral countries of Eastern and Southern Europe and their interconnections with decolonizing states and the globalizing world. Going beyond the usual focus on the confrontation between two geopolitical and ideological empires, the contributions to the workshop will discuss the meanings of socialist internationalism, the role of cultural, educational and economic exchange,  migration between countries as diverse as Czechoslovakia and Cuba, Poland and Vietnam, and China and Yugoslavia, and the repercussions of international developments within countries such as Hungary.

This workshop will take place on 27-28 June 2022 at the University of Vienna.

Contact person: Thuc Linh Nguyen Vu

CENTRAL partners:

Professor Jannis Panagiotidis, RECET, University of Vienna

Dr. Constantin Katsakioris, Charles University, Prague

Associate Professor Márkus Keller, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

Assistant Professor Igor Chabrowski, University of Warsaw



Photo by Fey Marin on Unsplash