Functional Translatology in Regional Contexts


Translating texts into your own language and/or Hungarian is part of the Hungarian studies curriculum at all our partner universities. These courses mainly serve to help you acquire language skills but can also provide insights into translatological issues.

We know from experience that students are very interested in translation courses: many undertake their own translation projects and can make good use of the skills they have acquired in their professional lives. However, within the framework of individual curricula, a cross-language translation-scientific approach is only marginally possible.

To address this, the proposed workshop is intended to present an extended range of courses. At the same time, it should contribute to raising participants' awareness of relevant language-typological, functional-linguistic, and cultural-scientific issues. We also hope that involving translation science students from ELTE University (Budapest) will result in further professional benefit.

Preparations regarding the functional-linguistic aspects of the research project have been running since summer 2019. The project ‘Comparative Functional Linguistics’ has been running with the participation of all CENTRAL partner institutions as well as other researchers. Its results will partly serve as the basis for the proposed workshop. At our February 2020 international interdisciplinary conference ‘Language Modalities’ (with participants from Hungary, Germany, Austria and Switzerland) at Humboldt University, cross-languages issues of mood were discussed. The May 2020 conference ‘Perspectives of V4 Translation Studies’ organised by the University of Prague, with the participation of partner institutes from the V4 countries, also demonstrates the relevance of the proposed issues.

  • Partners: Eötvös Loránd University – ELTE (Budapest), Charles University (Prague), Humboldt University Berlin, University of Warsaw, University of Vienna
  • Project Lead: Tamas Görbe, Humboldt University Berlin
  • Year: 2020